Why is Zumba special?

Its good old aerobic with a lot more fun injected. Zumba is a high-low intensity, cardio workout that is inspired by Latino dance moves and every session is a different experience because of the variety Zumba fitness brings to the floor. Zumba is primarily of 3 types and then there are many variations from these main 3 types. The variations are meant for different age groups and exertion levels.

zumba workout class

The 3 main programs

  1. Zumba Gold program is designed for beginners and older people
  2. Zumba Step focuses on lower-body. In this workout, the use of step aerobics  is blended with Latin dance moves
  3. Zumba Toning is a workout done with the help of toning sticks. If abs, thighs, arms, and other core muscles are of prime importance, this is the workout to go for

A typical Zumba fitness dance class:

  • Most sessions are high-intensity and last for 60 mins, with a warm up, core and cool down regimen. The core session of the workout is intensive and hence it works well for body and weight management goals
  • Peppy music, an energetic instructor and lots of like-minded people who end up becoming good friends
  • Along with dance and music, Zumba also includes key strengthening exercises such as squats and lunges to give you the best of both – regular fitness and dance style techniques. Depending on the program, Zumba class offers participants with a cardio as well as strength training

Immediate benefits of Zumba

With a frequency of twice a week, one is bound to feel:

  • Happier You
  • Fitter You
  • More Productive You

Most gyms in Singapore offer Zumba classes on weekly basis so you don’t have to give up your existing gym membership. Join Zumba fitness dance classes and discover a whole new person.

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